Vincent (Guillaume Duhesme) loses his hearing in an accident. His life changes radically: he loses his girlfriend and his job and he tumbles into depression and isolation. No doctor can help him. Sounds like a tedious drama flick that accidently got programmed at the BIFFF? Think again! It’s common knowledge that when you lose one sense, you grow a new one. Vincent may be as deaf as a toothbrush, but he can read or rather hear everyone’s mind now! And as it turns out a great many things more… Imagine SCANNERS as if it was made by the Dardenne bros and you’d get the gist of Jérémy Laval’s debut feature film. He casts Guillaume Duhesme (LE PASSÉ DEVANT NOUS) and Bérangère McNeese, who was part of our Méliès Jury last year. She plays Alice, who clings to Vincent hoping he can help her find her missing sister. NOISE is less a melodrama than an origin story of a superhero who takes hold of his own destiny. Who knows, perhaps a certain professor Charles Xavier will pay him a visit in the sequel…

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