Twentysomethings Dave and Andrew are roommates and buddies. That is, until the day that Dave announces he’s moving out. He’s had enough with the agoraphobic Andrew who never leaves their house. Then Dave gets fired, having to take the fall for his girlfriend who embezzled from Dave’s company. Andrew himself is falsely accused by a mother for sexually touching her Girl Guide daughter. To cap it off, the city condemns their house and plans to demolish it. When the cops surround their ramshackle abode and lob tear gas inside, Dave and Andrew just wish that the world would go away. And that’s exactly what happens. Suddenly, our anti-heroes are transported into a white vacuum where nothing exists apart from their house and themselves.
Vincenzo Natali, director of 1999’s Silver Raven Cube and last year’s Golden Raven Cypher, triumphantly returns with this surreal and inventive comedy. The art direction and editing are superb, while Natali invests the film with energy throughout. The white space focuses our attention on the two main characters, portrayed by David Hewlett (Cube, Cypher) and Andrew Miller (Cube, Last of the Dogmen) as a sort of Waiting for Godot’s Estragon and Vladimir for the Playstation Generation.

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