Gangster-restaurant patron Harald is released from prison and visits his foster parent, The Monk. He finds him very sick with a serious liver condition and promises to find his estranged son, Ludvig before it is too late. However, Ludvig is a serial women-killer and now an inmate in a highly secured prison in Sweden. Harald’s employees, the chefs Peter and Martin, come up with a plan to free Ludvig. The scheme is so spectacularly unbelievable that even Harald buys it. Much against Ludvig’s wishes, they succeed and he is brought back to Denmark to meet his father for the first time. They immediately connect. Now Ludvig and Harald are determined to raise money for The Monk’s liver transplant, at any means possible.

Old Men in New Cars is the spectacular and hilarious prequel to Lasse Span Olsen’s debut feature, In China They Eat Dogs. This bizarre and darkly comic caper features mind wrecking stunts, bloody gun battles, stoic dialogues and absurd complications to satisfy even the most demanding spectator. Starring Kim Bodnia (Nightwatch, In China They Eat Dogs), Iben Hjelje (Possessed, High Fidelity), Tomas Villum Jensen (Angel of the Night, In China They Eat Dogs) and Jens Okking (The Kingdom I & II).

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