Romeo and Juliet are a pair of psychopathic young lovers. Romeo is an extremely violent sadist and Juliet is a sexual masochist. They are looking to establish their own love nest, a quest that leads them to a rundown warehouse for sale in a desolate industrial region. Juliet falls in love with it immediately. Romeo grants her wish and the purchase is made. But what neither knows is that the original owner and the estate agent are simply using the property as a lure. The warehouse is a means to trap unsuspecting couples out where nobody is present to hear or see that they may serve as fodder for the duo’s own sadistic urges. Romeo soon finds himself literally stuck in trouble up to his neck. Even worse, Juliet is forced to postpone her house-decorating plans to rescue her boyfriend from the claws of their deranged torturers. On Evil Grounds is not just another addition to the low-budget torture porn genre, meaning to push the boundaries of human taste as far as possible. Austrian helmer Peter Koller is aiming for something vastly more entertaining and ambitious. The movie is a bleaker-than-pitch parody of the survival horror genre, whose copious violence owns more to Tex Avery than to Hostel or Saw. On Evil Grounds will take you on a twisted journey into the land of pain and sadistic joy, inhabited by perverted serial killers, sexist machos and a hopelessly romantic femme fatale.

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