Our story begins in a small town on the verge of change. A crime boss is buying up land and bullying its residents out of their homes and businesses. All that stands in his way is the neighborhood’s baker and his family, who runs a small but struggling motel in the heart of town. Facing the strong arm tactics of the crime boss and his cronies, the baker and his beautiful wife strive in vain to unify the scared locals. Their luck changes when a mysterious stranger comes to town in the form of Dao, who they enlist to fight against the crime boss. The story takes a turn when Dao’s mysterious past catches up with him. He’s a fugitive from the government, having deserted the Emperor and having broken his oath. Also complicating the story is the relationship Dao develops with the baker’s wife. It threatens to destroy what’s left of the town and the family at the heart of the conflict. Once Upon A time in Vietnam is one hell of a fantasy action epic, as if Sergio Leone and Akira Kurosawa teamed up for a remake of Mad Max. But this is the brainchild of Dustin Nguyen, whom most of us know as Harry Ioki from 21 Jump Street. The biggest budget in Vietnamese film history resulted in a stunning visual spectacle that can rival with the best from Hong Kong.

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