One day, a simple fisherman finds a beautiful and mysterious woman in his nets off the Irish coast. She seems to be death, but comes miraculously back to life before his eyes. The fisherman, Syracuse, is an irresponsible loner. He’s divorced from his wife and estranged from his wheelchair-bound daughter Annie. The arrival of Ondine turns his world upside down. Annie believes in local folklore and after a while the cynical Syracuse also starts to think that Ondine is a myth that has become reality : a woman full of love and hope, sent to change his life. Syracuse becomes enchanted by Ondine and sees the same magical transformation in his daughter. Life, which seemed so hard, is now full of possibilities. Will the confrontation with reality turn out to be a hard landing or does such a thing as magic really exist ? With Ondine, the director of The Company of Wolves, The Crying Game and Interview With The Vampire returns to his Irish roots. Neil Jordan’s Ondine is a lyrical fairytale that effortlessly blends myth and fantasy with the hard life of an Irish fishing community. This contemporary fable is beautifully captured through the lens of renowned DOP Christopher Doyle ( Hero, In The Mood for Love ). The performances of Colin Farrell ( In Bruges, Miami Vice ), Stephen Rea ( The Crying Game, V For Vendetta ) and the beautiful Alicja Bachleda as Ondine bring magic and chemistry to the screen.

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