In the suffocating and violent atmosphere of Los Angeles’s bad neighborhood, Fantasia, a gorgeous young black woman, Ray, her boyfriend (an impulsive and scruffy looking man), and Pluto, their black sidekick as violent as calculating, commit crimes of a rare brutality. The purpose of these bloodbaths: drugs and money. After having loot $15,000 and a huge shipment of cocaine, the vicious trio heads for Houston, where it intends to sell the drug to a dealer before reaching Star City, a small and miserable town in Arkansas where Fantasia grew up. The Los Angeles Police Department assigns two veterans – Dud, an alcoholic and tired cop and his partner Mc Feely – to the rather reluctant mission of apprehending the dangerous murderers. They rapidly find the track and destination of the trio’s getaway and decide to set a trap in Star City. Once there, they have to collaborate with the hearty and ambitious Sheriff Dale “Hurricane” Dixon, for whom this case is the perfect opportunity to escape from his daily routine and to prove that he is a good cop.

ONE FALSE MOVE is a breathtaking, violent, and bloody thriller where the simplest mistake can be deadly. This is the first feature of an African-American director who made his debut by shooting low-budget films for Concorde, the production company of Roger CORMAN. Following the screening of his graduation short film, PUNK, he is hired to direct ONE FALSE MOVE. He gathered excellent actors for this film such as Bill PAXTON (ALIENS, NEAR DARK), in the role of the naive and moving sheriff, Cynda WILLIAMS (MO’ BETTER BLUES, JUNGLE FEVER) who plays Fantasia, Billy Bob THORNTON (THE OUTSIDERS) interprets her boyfriend Ray, and Jim METZLER (RIVER’S EDGE) and Earl BILLINGS (WIRED) are the policemen. The film was released in 1992 in the USA, it was a huge success in theaters, and it received outstanding critics by the American press. This film should certainly delight all thriller fans of the Festival.

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