Big action star Takuma Toshiro has succeeded in riling up the whole profession against him by declaring that cinematographic fights should be closer to reality than these choreographed ballets, where shrimps without talent tickle each other with foam swords. After a ten-year hiatus, Takuma is attempting a comeback with a very personal project, a straight-up actioner for which he’s already got the ideal location in mind: a shut-down factory on a deserted island with zero cell phone coverage. Once they arrive on the spot though, the island turns out to be a little less deserted than expected. Two rivaling gangs of yakuza sought out a quiet little place to peacefully massacre each other all the while looking for two millions dollars’ worth of cocaine that was hidden somewhere on the island. If the majority of the film crew is shitting their pants out of pure, undiluted fear, Takuma is overjoyed. Where the others see ruthless hoodlums, he sees lots of extras in his movie to beat up for free in front of a rolling camera! Some might see ONE PERCENTER as a reckoning with an industry that’s a little too fond of wires and CGI à gogo. But it is above all an ode to the legendary fighting machine Tak Sakaguchi aka “John Wick with a sword”. He was Ryūhei Kitamura’s muse (VERSUS, AZUMI, etc.) and was recently pitted against no less than 588 enemies in one room in CRAZY SAMURAI MUSASHI. And behind the camera? Well well, if that isn’t Yudai Yamaguchi, who won a Silver Raven at the BIFFF 2013 for ABDUCTEE!

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