A mane regains consciousness in a deep pit filled with corpses. He has no idea who he is or how he got there. Before his desperate situation drives him to despair, a rope is lowered in the pit. His savior leads him to a house filled with a handful of suspicious and incredibly nervous characters. They all suffer from memory loss just like him. During the days that follow, the group tries to puzzle together what they’ve lost. But before they’re able to solve the mystery, a new threat arrives that replaces the need to remember by only one urge: survival! After the not very successful found footage Apollo 18, director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego strikes back with a vengeance. Open Grave is one of the strongest pieces of cinematographic horror that we’ll release upon you this year. With almost sadistic pleasure, Lopez-Gallego mixes horror and mystery with thriller and fantasy. With a superb performance by Sharlto Copley ( District 9, Elysium ).

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