In a remote house on a deserted island, three people – two men and a woman – participate as volunteers in a 70-day scientific experiment. They know that the air on the island is infected and that it could kill them.
They are watched through video cameras and microphones permanently. The light and temperature in the house are remotely controlled from outside. The orders they are given are transmitted through speakers, but it is impossible for the volunteers themselves to communicate with the outside world.
The Operation Dead End goes exactly as planned at first. But soon, fear, loneliness, and the constant tension to which they are subjected force the volunteer guinea pigs to free their hostility and emotions they contained until then. They feel the death threat coming from the island and the house carry weight on them and they decide to put an end to the experiment.
Ignoring the aversion and violence rise and the outburst of passion deliberately, it is decided in high places to carry on the Operation Dead End regardless of the tested subjects or even their life.
This excellent thriller by Nicki MULLERSCHON throws us in an every-day and very (too) current science-fiction; even though it takes place on an ecological background, it mostly deals in a very Kafkaesque way with the role of free will for people of the year 2000 – an appropriate role.

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