In a world that is not quite here and not quite now, a young boy called Isaac Newton and a girl called Marie Curie meet. However, this simple fact should not be possible. In this world human frequency has been discovered. If you are high frequency, you are born lucky. You’ll have natural “timing” and you’ll always be in the right place at the right time. But if you are low frequency, every natural law will conspire against you. Marie is super-high frequency, Isaac is ultra-low. Nature should ensure that they never cross paths. Yet they do. Every year they get to spend exactly one minute together before nature dramatically intervenes. Over the years it becomes an obsession for Zak to change his frequency and be with Marie. What he discovers may allow him to realize his dream, but will change everything we know about ourselves and our destinies ; forever. OXV The Manual gives you lots to think about: philosophy, determinism, physics, free will and the laws of time and nature. But it is most of all an incredibly intelligent piece of scifi. Director Darren Paul Fisher transforms a philosophical and scientific love story into an allegory about social class and mass manipulation. After the premiere at Fantasia Montréal, some people called it the best science-fiction film of the millennium. There are still a few years to go before the next one, but for now we wholeheartedly agree.

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