In the near future, an epidemic with epic proportions will decimate the earth. So much that if the dead aren’t that dead, the number of infected far outweighs the number of the living. Lauren, who got all her vaccines in time, arrived in Los Angeles after the fall of New York and her degree in medicine is definitely going to save her. Not only will she have a warm spot inside the safe zone but she also will be in charge of the research team that has to find a cure for this dreadful disease. But if she thought she’d be handling little tubes in a cozy lab, she couldn’t be more wrong. She gets a kevlar suit on her shoulders and an escort of mercenaries armed to the teeth. So what’s the goal, you ask? Getting out of this chaos, swarming with cannibals running like starving lab rats, try and regroup with the previous team, stockpile food along the way and come back in one piece. A very small detail about the excursion: so far they have faced level 1 infected. But where they’re going; it’s the favorite spot of the level 5’s!

John Suits, director of The Scribbler and producer of gems like Bad Milo and Cheap Thrills, is back with a concept-movie shot entirely in first person, a powerful and bold move! Just imagine Call of Duty mingling with Rec and you’ll have an idea of the nightmare that awaits Rachel Nichols (Star Trek), Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones) and Mekhi Phifer (Dawn of the Dead).

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