Jo, Max, Dave and Gwen are the winners of a contest organized by the social network site The big prize is an all expenses included trip to New York in a luxurious private jet. Once on board, they find out that the contest hasn’t finished yet. Every seat comes equipped with a monitor that shows an animated alligator who starts to ask them some very personal questions. The answers do not only reveal highly embarrassing truths of our foursome. A wrong answer is punished by the death of a family member or friend, which they can witness in real time on their monitors. If they want to survive this trip, they’ll have to play the alligator’s deadly game until the bitter end. “Saw on a Plane” is what you might think if you’ve read the above synopsis, but that doesn’t do justice to the very actual and poignant message of this British nail-biter. Online social networks have become so omnipresent and pervasive that we hardly realize anymore how much of ourselves we expose on the Internet. Those sick clips you’re watching, those porn sites you “accidentally” seemed to click upon, those sarcastic comments on network sites… sooner or later if will all come back to bite you in the face. With Panic Button, Chris Crow ( Devil’s Bridge ) takes the pulse of the digital generation. Get ready for a chilling thriller with credible characters that prefers psychological terror to gratuitous torture porn.

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