Jennifer, Ellie and Madeleine are three very different young women. Jennifer is all business, so much that her busy professional life hides the emptiness of her private life. That’s why she’s alone to blow out the candles on her birthday cake in a busy bar. Ellie, on the other hand, likes to party and to please, especially if there’s an opportunity for a movie part or a photo shoot. And Madeleine has always been the odd one out. All three spend the night at the same bar, but never run into each other. Yet, the next morning, they all wake up in the same body, a clumsily stitched together patchwork of their various body parts. Who has done this to them? And how can they avenge themselves when they can’t even agree about who will move which limb?!

Leave it to director Tyler MacIntyre and scriptwriter Chris Lee Hill to put the story of Frankenstein through the wrangler, turn it inside out and stitch it back together until you get a deliciously gory, funny and irreverent 21st century version of the classic tale with a feminist twist. Patchwork is ideal midnight movie fun with a smart story structure, where every girl gets her side of the story.

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