There are some opportunities in life that you should better not take. Ale, who works as a mechanic in a garage, is best friends with Marco and Simone. They went to school together and now hang out in their Rome neighbourhood in the suburbs where nothing ever happens. One weekend they find themselves with the keys to a beautiful villa on the outskirts of town. It belongs to the Marquis of Lanzi, who is going to be away for a short holiday. The Marquis is a weird guy. This collector of vintage cars is one of Ale’s best customers, which is the reason they have the keys to his luxury mansion as Ale took them from the glove compartment of the vehicle he was servicing. All the guys want to do is raid the fridge, use the swimming pool, play video games and drive around in his expensive vehicles without a care in the world. But there is one place they should never have explored… the basement. For the Marquis is holding a young woman captive and their lives will never be the same again. After The Arrival of Wang, presented at last year’s BIFFF, the Manetti brothers are back with a true Italian giallo slasher. They made optimal use of 3D during the shooting to give breathtaking depth to their gore maze. The lovely Francesca Cuttica ( already starring in The Arrival of Wang ) will face Pepe Servillo in the part of the ogre. Cherry on the cake is a Suspiria-like soundtrack that’ll make your ears and your fears pop.

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