The small town of Ludlow is a peaceful place: the inhabitants go about their business and seem to have completely forgotten the terrible events that happened a few years ago. The pet cemetery, a place of sinister memories, is carefully avoided by the population for superstitious reasons. Evil seems to have been beaten and everything appears right again in the best of worlds, until Chase Matthews, a veterinarian, and his 13-year-old son move to the town. Both are trying to rebuild their lives after being struck by a tragic event. From the first day of school, Jeff is the victim of the aggressiveness of Clyde, a violent boy whose only desire is to bully those weaker than him. He becomes friends with Drew Gilbert, the punching bag of the class, who lives in constant fear of his stepfather, Gus, the sheriff of Ludlow. As he is an unloved child, Drew devotes all his affection to Zowie, his dog. But one day, Zowie is mercilessly killed by Gus. Jeff and Drew decide then to bury the dog in the cursed cemetery. Ludlow is going to face horrific events again.

“Beware of your wishes, for they may come true…”: here is in a nutshell the theme of PET SEMETARY TWO, the sequel of PET SEMETARY, an adaptation of the famous novel of Stephen King. Still directed by Mary LAMBERT, this film promises to be much more than a sequel. The characters’ personality is presented in a deeper way and the revived corpses are no longer ordinary and brainless zombies: each one of them has its own desires, which offers many more possibilities to the director, than simply written characters, who takes the opportunity to reinterpret the story. To delight of all, Mary LAMBERT does not fail to make an even more terrifying film. On top of that, the special effects and the performance of Edward FURLONG (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY) as Jeff are spectacular.

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