The deadliest undertaker in every known and unknown dimension, the Tall Man, is back. And with him, his armada of flying metal spheres which love nothing more than to drill holes in your head. This “undertaker” with his shockproof ticker continues to turn the world into one big funeral feast. Reggie and Mike, who have finally grown up, must do it without their friend Jody, at least without his physical presence. For Jody has been transformed into one of the flying spheres. In this rounded form, he must assist his friends in their fight against the Tall Man. For some extra-dimensional reason, he has set his sights on Mike. What follows is a feverish manhunt through abandoned morgues, ruined villages, and glass crypts, guaranteed to knock you off your feet.

Before Jason and long before Freddy, there was “The Tall Man” and his possessed metal balls. Legend has it that the character was created by writer/director Don Coscarelli (The Beastmaster, Survival Quest) after weeks of solitary isolation in a mountain cabin. He first appeared on the screen in 1979 in the first Phantasm. The film became a huge international success by being one of the first to combine black humour with shocking SFX. In 1987, he made the equally successful sequel Phantasm II. And now there is the final part in this classic trilogy. Under the expert guidance of “state of the art” special effects and maniacally wacky stunts, we find out the origin of The Tall Man and the nature of his flying spheres. Angus Scrimm, who once wrote cover notes for records by The Beatles and The Beach Boys, once again gives worthy portrayal to this icon of horror. Reggie Bannister (Silent Night, Deadly Night IV) and Michael Baldwin look tremendous as the afflicted friends Reggie and Mike.

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