A small provincial village in the Spanish heartland. A sweltering heat. Flies circling around dried-up feces. Local youngsters kill their boredom with a cruelty that is as gratuitous as it is relentless. Their favorite victim? Sarah, an overweight girl who is the target of ridicule every day at her school. But one day, while doing laps in the municipal swimming pool, Sarah is dealt with extremely harshly by her usual assailants. When she manages to get out of the pool, she discovers that all her clothes are gone. Desperate and distraught she returns home, stark naked under the burning sun. Suddenly, a van appears and crosses her path. The driver has the kind of face that would fit perfectly under a “Wanted dead or alive” poster. In the back, her bullies squealing like little piggies. Sarah doesn’t move, she just lets it happen. Tough luck, karma’s a bitch… Twenty-nine awards, including a Goya, for the eponymous short film, which was also screened at the BIFFF. Saying that we were waiting for the feature length version from director Carlota Pereda would have been an understatement. After a world premiere in the Midnight section at Sundance, everyone agrees: PIGGY is a shocker, a slap in the face of all bullies out there, which many will doubtlessly find morally difficult to stomach. But then again, isn’t that exactly what we want from movies?

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