Carlo Collodi’s immortal classic Pinocchio enters the 21st century with a little bit of help from fellow Tuscan, the celebrated comedian, actor and director Roberto Benigni (Down by Law, Life is Beautiful, Asterix and Obelix). Easily the most expensive and one of the most successful Italian movies ever, Pinocchio represents an enchanting update to the celebrated tale of the wooden puppet who wants to be a boy of flesh and blood. The flavor and setting of the original book is nicely captured by the costumes and sets of legendary costume and production designer Danilo Donati (Amarcord, Flash Gordon, Life is Beautiful), who died in the final stages of production and to whom the film is dedicated.

The movie further benefits from cinematography by Dante Spinotti (Last of the Mohicans, L.A. Confidential, Red Dragon) and the performances of Benigni himself as Pinocchio and Nicoletta Braschi (The Sheltering Sky, Life is Beautiful), Kim Rossi Stuart (Beyond the Clouds) and Carlo Giuffré (The Skin). Pinocchio, infused with Benigni’s famous energy and lust for life, is a beautiful and magic tale of emotions and humanity that will enchant children and adults alike.

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