Joy is the happy owner of a sleazy bar lost in the Canadian backwoods. Her estimable customers, mainly rutting hunters and perverts looking for hand-jobs between two beers, are as faithful to Joy as a dog to a lamp post. To thank them, she decides to call her friends, the famous Pinup Dolls, for a memorable striptease night in grizzly country! And the five girls will really devote their body and soul to the task. If not during the evening, it will surely be a little bit later with Moe. They don’t know him yet, but Moe is also a professional stripper, except that he also takes off the skin and the ribcage… With such a title, we already know for sure that it won’t be Ingmar Bergman. Even better, it looks like Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira have scanned your soul to bring you the slasher you dreamed of: references to classics ( Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp ), an avalanche of boobs, some heavy gore and a necrophiliac villain!

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