A commando of mercenaries is sent on a mission in a Central American jungle. Once there, they discover that their target is none other than an alien vacationing on our planet for some exotic hunting. Y’know, just for the joy of killing inferior creatures. But whaddayaknow, Mayor “Dutch” Schaefer loves the same outdoor sport! An unbreakable, absolutely mythical cult film, the kind we’d want to send into space in a capsule as a warning for all those intergalactic tough guys who want to mess with us as well. PREDATOR is world heritage – though Unesco clearly didn’t get our memo -, a masterpiece that started off as a joke (what would happen if we pitted Rocky against E.T.?) and ended up as the quintessential 80’s sci-fi actioner… Only ALIENS gets close. A phenomenal blockbuster that smells like a bus of sweaty rugby men smashed into rock, a real powerhouse that made both John McTiernan’s and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career spiral sky-high into space. It’s 100% testosterone and 0% CGI, for the kids among us: that means that all the stunt, practical effects and costumes were real… and real hot, just ask Jean-Claude Van Damme about that.
So, when we give you the ultra-rare chance of seeing PREDATOR on the big screen, you simply can’t refuse. If you know that McTiernan himself is attending the screening, all we feel like saying is: what are you waiting for, doofus? Get to the choppaaa!!!!

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