In this Swedish chiller, we share in the shocking experiences, during nine fatal days in December, of six final-year secondary school students. Protagonist is Mikaela, and she is no ordinary girl. She is in love with her literature teacher and writes him erotic essays teeming with hints that would make even Quentin Crisp’s ears go pink. The object of her desire responds appropriately… But with another woman. To top it all off, Mikaela is plagued daily by clairvoyant visions that are filled with reprehensible violence. Soon terrible things begin to happen at the school. Girls are murdered. Mikaela’s visions come true. She herself bravely continues her literary outpourings to her beloved teacher. She keeps a close eye on him and suspects that her platonic lover-boy is responsible for the death of one of the students. But at the same time, she feels observed by a stranger. The game begins to get out of hand and comes to a violent climax on the celebration of the annual Lucia night, the shortest night of the year. But for some, it will seem as if the shortest night will never end.

The Premonition is an exciting psychological thriller based on a script by writer Carina Rydberg. Director Rumle Hammerich crafts a clever story about the thin and fragile line between imaginary events and harsh reality. And, for those who would like to see it, Tovan Magnusson plays Mikaela and Figge Norling is Joakim, the teacher.

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