Meet Frank Walsh, a big game hunter who specializes in gathering rare animals to sell to zoos. After having just survived an intense altercation with a white jaguar in Brazil, he’s ready to take his latest catch out of the country. But the boat that will be transporting his animals, also has another caged passenger on board. The notorious terrorist Richard Loffler needs to be turned over to the government and will be accompanying them till the next port. Loffler has a special medical condition, for which he needs to be monitored by Dr. Ellen Taylor. Needless to say that, once at sea, our bad guy escapes from his cage and sets all the beasties loose. Now the ship not only has a trained killer, but also a bunch of dangerous animals on the loose. If you’re up to some entertaining mayhem on the waves, you’ll be sure to enjoy Primal, the debut feature of awarded stunt coordinator Nick Powell (THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE LAST SAMURAI, GLADIATOR). Nickolas “You kill my cat…I’ll blow your head off,” Cage is in full blown hero mode, facing up to evil smirking Kevin Durand (X-MEN ORIGINS, LEGION) and with Famke Janssen (GOLDENEYE, X-MEN) as his sparring partner.

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