Breaking a political scandal that turns out to be baseless, leaves ace TV reporter Tim Manfrey no option but to accept the unappealing assignment his boss sticks him with : finding and capturing the world largest crocodile, a gigantic monster that’s been eating villagers for decades in Burundi. Assisting him on this sensational stunt story are Aviva Masters, a tabloid journalist who hopes this will be her big break, wisecracking cameraman Steven Johnson, world-famed crocodile expert Matthew Collins and crusty local guide Jacob Krieg. The country is torn apart by civil strife between warlords. The crocodile, called Gustave by the locals, lives in an area that is also terrorized by the followers of an elusive warlord who’s dubbed himself Little Gustave. Still, the hunting party manages to arrive at their destination unharmed and set up their high tech trap. But when Gustave finally shows up, all hell breaks loose. Jaws meets Blood Diamond in this solid monster feature by director Michael Katleman. He manages to combine creature thrills with paramilitary thuggery, while keeping the pacing tight, the acting straight-faced and the laughs intentional. The editing maximizes the heavily physical, gory action and cameraman Edward J. Pei beautifully captures the spectacular wildlife and landscapes. With Dominic Purcell ( Mission Impossible II, Equilibrium, Blade : Trinity ), Brooke Langton ( Swingers, The Replacements ), Orlando Jones ( Magnolia, Evolution ), Gideon Emery ( The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Citizen Verdict ) and Jurgen Prochnow ( Das Boot, Air Force One ).

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