Prudence and circumspection are the words for this New York bishop (Donald PLEASANCE) who has just learnt the existence of an alarming small box in a remote church out of its bishopric: the small box, stored in the church catacombs, contains some green liquid. It seems to have very curious properties and emerges a feeling of irrepressible awkwardness.
It is possible to be Catholic and believe in sciences at the same time: the bishop prefers scientists to exorcists and calls in some researchers who, bedecked with their instruments of inspection, will try to unlock the secret of the mysterious small box…
John CARPENTER goes back to his first love: small finances and great results.
“Prince of Darkness is a true-blue movie of terror which takes place in an enclosed universe, following the example of the greatest successes of its author.
We obviously think of Assault on Precinct 13, but also of The Thing. Moreover, Prince of Darkness renews with originality and pleasure the myth of the Antichrist. No extreme piousness, no exorcism, but fear, action, boldness, and boldness again…
CARPENTER is a genius in terms of action directing. From the first fifteen minutes, the audience knows and senses that the impact will be hard, that they will not escape the diabolical expertise of this evil man. The music, once again signed by CARPENTER and Alan HOWARTH, contributes a lot in the tension rise thanks to its repetition and obsession. A soundtrack will rarely have been as pervasive in a fantasy movie. It brings back the urge and the hammering of The Fog and The Thing.
The actors are remarkably guided and, once again, CARPENTER makes use of one of his other qualities: faithfulness. It is a real pleasure to see Donald PLEASENCE (Halloween, Escape from New York) again, but also the actors of the Chinese protagonists from Big Trouble in Little China, Victor WONG and Ann YEN.” – Michel VOLETTI.
Also starring, as a guest, Alice COOPER himself!

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