God couldn’t have been less inspired when he chose Quick Gun Murugan as his representative on Earth. In the 80ties, the Tamil country certainly needed an intrepid cowboy who could draw a pistol as easily as he could utter a chilling phrase. As for his looks, it would immediately prompt an epileptic fit from the Bee-Gees. Nevertheless, Quick Gun is God’s little protégé. When he gets ambushed and killed by his archenemy Rice Plate Reddy, who wants to turn every vegetarian into carnivores, The Supreme Being gives him a second chance and reincarnates him… but 15 years later in Modern Mumbai. Quick Gun takes up the battle again with Reddy, who has become a fast food tycoon. Quick Murugan is an outright TV star in Southern India, starring in countless sequels and ads. He’s more of an Austin Powers type of character than a Man without a Name. His first appearance on the big screen is an outrageous and colourful comedy stuffed with references to western cinema. For those of you who might be allergic to “video-clip-culture”, it’s worth noting that Tollywood cinema ( T stands for the Indian state of Tamil Nadu ) has nothing to do with its Bombay relative. Quick Gun prefers cracking a joke rather than singing. And Shashanka Ghosh keeps everything nicely within the authorized ninety minutes limit.

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