RADIO FLYER and Bobby are still young children when they arrive in California, where their mother decided to start a new life with a stupid bully constantly drunk. The two children are soon confronted with the hostility of local gangs that consider them as strangers, and Bobby, the youngest brother, becomes progressively the punching bag of his so-called father. The boys decide to build a flying machine that will carry the youngest of them away from this daily ordeal. Therefore, Bobby and his older brother get to work and take up the challenge of one of their fellow inventors, whose first attempt failed and left him crippled. But where he failed, the two siblings succeed, to the astonishment of their mother and the local sheriff.

Richard DONNER (SUPERMAN, LADYHAWKE, LEATHAL WEAPON, …) seems to have swum in a fountain of youth by directing this contemporary tale that could begin with “once upon a time…”. However, R. DONNER wisely chose to approach a serious topic, the childhood victim of the adult world, through the imagination of children. Lorraine BRACCO (GOODFELLAS, MEDICINE MAN, …) plays the mother, but the main actors of this film are the young siblings, and this wolfdog that protects them like its ancestor Rin Tin Tin did in the past. For all audiences.

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