“A bunch of zombies is invading the German capital. Some survivors are stuck in an apartment complex which is surrounded by the raging hordes. One of them is Michael, who got the stupid idea of putting the pieces back together with his ex girlfriend. But there’s a snag ; anxiety makes you hungry. And when the fridge is empty, while you’re on the menu of those folks downstairs, you have to do something, even if that means swapping wwith the neighbours; food for medication, for instance. Michael and the other inhabitants do their utmost to respect this new mantra : eat or be eaten and trying to survive this nightmare in one piece, of course. Rammbock, a huge surprise at the last Cannes Film Market, offers a fresh approach to genre cinema. Marvin Kren, best known for his short movies ( among which the multi-awarded Shautag ), wraps up his feature in 64 minutes, by cutting through the flesh and going straight to the bone, with a story and characters that are more related to Danny Boyle and Zack Snyder than George A. Romero.

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