It’s not going too well in the kingdom of Joseon. While the king is stuffing his stomach in his silk pyjamas, his people are dying of hunger. An attempt to violently overthrow the ruler is quickly put to an end with the arrest and the liquidation of all conspirators; including his own son. His other son and only living heir is Ganglim, a party prince who looks more like David Guetta than Prince William and who was banned to China for his decadent behavior. Nevertheless, he returns to the fatherland for the funeral of his dear brother. But upon arrival, Ganglim notices that there is something very wrong. When night falls, hungry zombies come out to devour everything that crosses their path. A genre mix-up isn’t always a bad idea. Picture a marriage of GAME OF THRONES with its bloody power intrigues and the zombie hordes of WORLD WAR Z. Produced by Studio New (to which we owe the master-zombie-piece TRAIN TO BUSAN), co-written by the scriptwriter of OLDBOY and directed by Sung-hoo Kum (CONFIDENTIAL ASSIGNMENT), RAMPANT is the herald of a new subgenre: the zampire & vombie film!

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