Toshiro has a small grocery store. He’s not really talkative, he
discretely slurps his noodles and goes to bed at the same time as
his adopted daughter Sachi; meaning before night-life gets started.
However, organising tin cans and counting peas wasn’t Toshiro’s first
vocation. There was a time when he was called the “Phantom”. During
special operations he was the ultimate weapon, the man who set
things straight when negotiations failed. According to the legend,
Toshiro was so fast he could even avoid flying bullets. His past seems
to knock on his door again when members of his old gang come to
beat him up, convinced that he’s responsible for the massacre that
halved their numbers. At first, our grocer undergoes the beating, but
when his adversaries decide to target Sachi, they’d better make up
their last will. That’s when Toshiro gets angry.
They met on the set of Ryuhei Kitamura’s Versus (2000). Afterwards,
director Yuji Shimomura and Tak Sakaguchi worked together on
Death Trance (BIFFF 2006). This year they’re giving all they’ve got
in Re:Born. For those who think Sakaguchi is some kind of fancy
handbag; you should know that this guy is an expert in Bajiquan,
Shorinji Kempo and kick-boxing. If you’re curious to find out what
he’s capable of, especially when he has all the articles of a D.I.Y. at
his disposal, you’ll just have to watch Re:Born.

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