On 16 July 1988, a train accident causes the death of 100 people. The cause is never found, the case becomes an unsolved mystery. 16 years later. On her first day at work, railroad assistant Mi-sun boards the overnight train from Seoul to the southern coastal town of Yeosu. The passengers are a mixed lot; two teenage runaways, some soldiers, a horny couple, a boy who draws grisly pictures and a member of a spiritual club. The nervous Mi-sun is helped out by the friendly young conductor Chan-shik. The train leaves the station on schedule and soon gathers speed. Suddenly, it stops for ten minutes without any reason. When it continues its journey, everything is different on board. Mi-sun starts having weird fantasies. As her visions increase, the trains seems to travel back to that fateful day in 1988 and as it approaches the end of the line, it doesn’t seem to want to slow down. Red Eye is solid Korean horror mystery that delivers on all fronts. Director Dongbin Kim (The Ring Virus) slowly pull us in. First there are strange noises and glimpses of something eerie. Then, as the train and the pace of the film accelerate, there’s no longer a way to get off. When the real world and the ghost world are brought together, darkness starts to spread through the train and Kim begins to delights us with some genuine creepy moments. Starring Shin-young Jang (Springtime), Il-guk Song (Emperor of the Sea) and Ji-min Kwak (Samaritan Girl).

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