For two centuries, Renfield has been playing minion to his boss, Count Dracula. Okay sure, he did give him eternal life and supernatural powers that, even with a 48° fever and a stomach flu, would still make him triumph at the Hunger Games. But his future? Zero chances for promotion, permanent night shifts and an endless search for victims that his master can get high on while he has to make do with a few insect leftovers. No more! It’s the 21th century, dammit! There are collective labor agreements, measures against workplace harassment, paid holidays… Makes a man think, especially after centuries of being pushed around. And then his eyes meet Rebecca, a charming traffic officer who causes an instant rush of blood to poor Rennie’s head. With the flame of undying love burning bright in his chest, he’s finally going to find the courage and the strength to confront that other staple of the undying, his Transsylvanian Overlord! Get ready for what is definitely going to be a legendary screening! On one side, we’ve got Robert “I created THE WALKING DEAD, what did you do with your life?” Kirkman injecting his typical punk spirit into Bram Stoker’s classic. On the other, Chris McKay (LEGO BATMAN: THE MOVIE) whose irreverence is a perfect match for this delirious mayhem. And in the center? A double dose of Nick (Cage and Hoult) to put an end for once and for all to the most violent, horrific and toxic relationship that literature has ever created!

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