For weeks now, their roommate with the broken heart has barricaded himself in his room in their student house. Only at night does he sneak out to use the bathroom or to plunder the fridge. During the day he constantly plays loud music, which drives Kathi, Nico and Tessa up the walls. Now their patience has run out and they start a cold war against the hermit in their midst. First, they cut off the power and if that doesn’t work, the heating is next. But he doesn‘t even budge an inch. Having run out of options, they decide to enlist the help of a therapist; with disastrous results. Rent, No Utilities is another low-budget gem from a German film academy. Gregor Buchkremer has made one hell of a calling card with this impressive mood piece. Each of the flat mates has reasons to feel vexed by their fellow student, but the more he’s absent, the more he’s present in their minds. With subttle use of stylistic means, Buchkremer creates an eerie atmosphere and tops his tale with a brilliant surprise ending.

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