Kira Mabon lives her life to the fullest. She is young, beautiful, happy. Until one morning she discovers a spot of dried-up skin on her hand. Terrified by the decay of her body, Kira is desperately searching for a cure. But the disease keeps spreading, and nobody seems to be able to help. Devastated, Kira finds some comfort in her neighbor, the very sensual Sophia. Attracted by her bubbly and no-nonsense attitude, she starts falling in love with Sophia and her perfect, flawless skin. As the disease progresses, Kiras options run out. But a terrifying discovery changes everything. She is able to replace her own dried-up skin with healthy skin from somebody else. Kira seems to have found a way to stay young and beautiful: replacing her skin… by sacrificing innocent lives. But the disease keeps coming back. And the danger of being discovered by the police or her newly-found lover Sophia is getting bigger all the time. Kira has to choose. Continue taking the skin of other girls, or face the inevitable decay of her body. German director Norbert Keil, author of the multi-award winning Bathtub To Happiness, has crafted a chilling body horror tale for the 21st Century. Replace is all about fear, fear of old age, the decay of your body and the inevitability of death. Our protagonist has to bend the rules and even break them. How much of her morality is she willing to sacrifice to be young and beautiful? And is that even necessary for her to be content? The question inherent is whether our society imposes a perfect image of ourselves onto ourselves or if that image is something that already exist inside our head? Watch out for the legendary Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond, Beyond The Gates) as the director of a revolutionary pharmaceutical company. And you should know that the script was written by Keil and our good friend Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil) !

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