John Prudhomme kisses his wife and leaves for work entering the cold, grey, Chicago morning. Outside the Belcour estate Chicago police cars swarm, a typically chaotic crime scene. Detective Andrew Hollinsworth, Prudhomme’s partner, is talking to Detectives Rousch and Scholfield. A grisly murder has taken place. The victim lies in a pool of blood, his arm amputated at the shoulder. A message, written in blood on the window bodes “He’s coming…”. At the autopsy, it is revealed that Roman numerals have been carved into the body of Belcour. The imprint of a key has been embedded into the victims neck. Rifling through the victims belongings, Prudhomme matches the mark to a key that fits a locker at Union Station.
With Resurrection, Russel Mulcahy (Razorback, The Real McCoy, The Shadow, Talos the Mummy) has directed one of his best movies since Highlander. Christopher Lambert (Highlander, The Hunted, Mortal Kombat) stars as detective Prudhomme, who tries to piece together a case of ritualistic and gruesome murders

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