Yoshioka is an experienced and yet stressed-out police detective. When he has to investigate a murder in which he seems to be involved himself, he comes close to having a nervous breakdown that could degenerate at any moment into real insanity. On top of that, he is troubled by the ghost of a woman in a scarlet dress. The murder case acquires serial dimensions and the involvement of the police seems increasingly likely. He even starts to believe it himself. Each film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa is a dark, psychological and original experience. But Retribution is more than that. Apparently the master was on very good form when he made his latest film, starring Kurosawa regular Koji Yakusho (Doppelganger, Silk, Babel). The literal translation of the Japanese title is “The Scream”. In the case of Kiyoshi Kurusawa Kiyoshi, you may think both of the psychological fear of the painter Munch or of the fury of a Japanese horror ghost. Retribution is an intelligent and exciting horror film for people who don’t like the genre.

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