Kiki is a police diver. You can’t imagine all the stuff she brought back to the surface when diving in Molenbeeck’s canal: corpses, weapons, scooters… but never before a severed hand! After an autopsy, the hand appears to have been chopped off while the victim was (still) alive. A reckoning in the drug world? That’s what her colleague Nick Cafmeyer is convinced of. And yes, that does seem like the most likely scenario. But Kiki doesn’t trust easy explanations. When in the following weeks a second, third and fourth hand bubble up, Kiki – whose jurisdiction is usually limited to anything below the water level – decides to take matters in her own hands and do a little investigating herself. Her childhood friend Cézare, an expert on all things African, leads her on a different, altogether more sinister path. That of Belgium’s dark, colonial past in the Congo. In the name of our dear king Leopold II, Congolese working slaves were chopped off their left hand as punishment. And now it’s payback time?

With BO, the Netflix hit series THE SERPENT as well as the screenplay for Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah’s BLACK under his belt, Hans Herbots is not a rookie. Now he takes us by the hand for a hallucinatory, disturbing trip through the dark underbelly of Brussels. And Hans is bringing the whole cast and crew along for this national premiere at the BIFFF!

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