Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and ketamine. An epic mix capable of knocking a rhino off its paws, but it’s also a potentially lethal cocktail that sends River to the emergency room after his best buddy Donny committed suicide. But like a Phoenix rising after a thorough stomach pump, River is alive and well! Not quite in Olympic form, but still far from six feet under. Determined to trade all that chemical crap for tofu and alfalfa seeds, River joins a support group to dig up his past, like any good cocaine addict worthy of the name. Except that his path to sobriety is everything but smooth, as River is regularly haunted in his sleep by Donny. A ghost, a living dead, an apparition, a hallucination, call it what you want but it’s definitely not real. But Donny keeps on jabbering about some strange promise, one which River hasn’t kept…
A psychotic TRAINSPOTTING well set on its hallucinogenic tracks, RIVER is above all the very personal project of a young passionate filmmaker, Laurenzo Vergeynst, which took five years to finally see the light of day! A slow maturation but, in the end, incredibly masterful with its deliciously cynical tone. A luminous redemption that clashes with the inevitable descent into hell of a devastating addiction, both physically and mentally.

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