It took only a few days for the alien robots to conquer Earth. There’s only one rule. Stay inside or be disintegrated. Where they come from, their reasons for invading and keeping people locked inside are completely unknown. They use human collaborators and deliver food rations at home, but their most powerful tool of control is the implant that everyone has and with which they can track your every move. In a small coastal town in England, four children discover a way to temporarily disable the implants. They’re finally able to go outside again. Maybe they’ll even get to start a rebellion against the Robot Overlords!

Director Jon Wright, to whom we thank Grabbers (BIFFF 2012), has crafted an intense scifi adventure movie for the entire family. Its budget might only been a fraction of that of a Transformers movie, but unlike that giant franchise, it treats its audience with respect and invites them to join in the fun. The four young leads steal the show, getting some big name support from Sir Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast, iron Man 3) as a villainous robot collaborator and Gillian Anderson (X-Files, The Fall) as their worried mum.

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