There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of teaching going on at Rock Steady University. Students are too busy with extracurricular activities, such as surviving and trying to not have one’s bike stolen. Because if you want to stand a chance of surviving in the dark alleys of the university campus, you’d better have a bicycle. On his very first day of school, Leroy’s wheels are stolen and while trying to retrieve them, he gets embroiled in a turf war between two fraternities. They conduct a veritable reign of terror, and also a business in… stolen bicycles. Leroy is getting fed up with the whole affair and wants to stop them in their tracks. He cooks up a clever plan to not only retrieve his property but also get back at his enemies. What one doesn’t have to do to graduate these days… ROCK STEADY ROW is the first feature by the youthful filmmaker Trevor Stevens, only 26 years old. It got him no less than the audience and jury prizes at this year’s Slamdance Festival. His first effort is a powerful blend between a campus movie and a city western. The fights to the death are being staged with fervor and style, and the young thespians act as if their life depended on it… Which it does, come to think of it!

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