The Legend Ends is the final part of the trilogy that started in 2012 and gives the fans what they always loved in the Rurouni Kenshin series: long forgotten ancient fighting techniques and old masters. In this last chapter Kenshin will have to go all the way to stop Shishio’s plans to overthrow the Meiji government. He’ll meet some old friends and will find support from his master.

The success of this series is for a big part due to the action scenes. In a time where everything is created and enhanced by CGI, it’s a real joy to see actors performing some real fighting choreography. The Japanese movie critics were unanimous with their praise and the gods know how strict they are when it comes to live adaptations of this caliber. The Rurouni Kenshin series is one of the best manga adaptations of this time and doesn’t abandon its fans for a bigger audience. If you love manga, go see this movie. If you love action, go see this movie, if you love Kenshin, definitely go see this movie. And if you’re not dead, there’s really no reason not to go see this movie!

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