There was a time when RV stood for “recreational vehicle” ( remember the eponymous little flick with Robin Williams a while back ? ). Forget about that, now it means “resurrected victim” : a murder victim who returns among the living because he or she isn’t satisfied with the punishment that was meted out to their assassin. What you call an undead, right ? It seems that in South Korea they can’t get rid of them… Seo is an ambitious young prosecutor who’s got it all worked out, until his mother, killed in a robbery some years ago, turns up again and attacks him with a knife. Because he rather cherishes his life, he sets out to find out what really happened. Gradually he discovers unpleasant things about his own past, obscured by the alcohol fumes of his graduation party years ago. Nothing is quite what it seems in the nail-biting horror thriller RV: Resurrected Victims, which plays an intricate game with different time layers. Director Kyungtaek Kwak (Friend, Doctor K) is an old hand of the Korean film industry. For his latest film, he has assembled a dream cast. We recognize Rae-won Kim from The Prison (BIFFF 2017) and Hye-jin Jeon from The Terror Live (BIFFF 2015). The part of the avenging mother is being played by none other than Korea’s leading lady Hae-suk Kim (see also New Trial), who featured in Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden and a host of other movies.

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