Several people are found dead all over Japan. Rumor goes around that they died 24 hours after watching a mysterious videotape. Of course it doesn’t take long before Sadako’s name is dropped and everyone is smashing their old VHS player to smithereens. But Ayaka, a young TV journalist with an IQ of 200, doesn’t believe a word of this supernatural hogwash. And she doesn’t hesitate to explicitly say so on the air in front of shaman Kenshin, who is always in for a game of fanning the flames of collective hysteria. He’s not too pleased with the young miss’s attitude and he dares her to watch a copy of the infamous tape he brought with him. Unfortunately, Ayaka’s sister stumbles upon the tape and… Now she has 24 hours to debunk a curse that she doesn’t even believe in to begin with. Not yet anyway. After the worldwide success of Hideo Nakata’s THE RING, Sadako, with her white nightgown, her supercreepy eye and her curtain of raven black hair, has become a J-horror icon. Twenty years later, she’s back in a 2.0 version that no longer limits itself to cassettes, but also infiltrates your favorite social media like a virus and scares the crap out of you, just like in the good ol’ days!

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