12-year old Luke has his first crush and the object of his desire is his lovely babysitter Ashley. When his parents are going to spend Saturday night with friends, he’s giddy with expectation to spend some quality time with the girl who has awakened his pre-pubescent libido. But Ashley is about to go back to college and Luke knows that this is his last chance to declare his love and hope for a kiss, tongue and all included. Before he can gather all his courage, they find themselves in a Home Alone version for adults, with burglars who are a lot smarter and meaner. Ashley will be able to pocket some bonus money if she manages to get Luke and her through the night in one piece. We won’t tell you more about Safe Neighborhood, because that would spoil most of the fun. Just know that this horrific comedy gem by Chris Peckover will become one of those movies like Gremlins or Krampus that you want to see at least once a year. Safe Neighborhood is violent but never gratuitous, and just incredible in its plot twists. This densely concentrated bundle of dark humor is also the reunion of Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould, formerly the brother and sister in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit!

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