During a raid to catch some Latino illegals in a shack in El Paso, the police make a macabre discovery. Nearly thirty bodies brutally shot to pieces with a nasty piece o’ gun, and a single handcuffed survivor who is desperately trying to amputate his hand with an axe… After he’s brought back to the station to clarify what the bloody hell happened over there, the man seems intent on making his case worse. Like, when asked for his name, he answers “The Traveler”. Okaaay… He says he’s incapable of dying, but seems very nervous and particularly in a hurry to leave because someone is out to kill him. Dude’s clearly a looney… However, throughout the interrogation he gets more and more convincing, describing in detail all the occult phenomena he’s been exposed to in his loooong life: mythical creatures, demons, the undead and other Latin American folklore. He basically gives them a gory version of COCO, though rushed because the clock is ticking and Death is about to arrive at the station just in time for another bloodbath… Feliz Navidad comes early this year for you guys! A Latino anthology served up hot and spicy by some of the genre’s greats: Mike Mendez (DON’T KILL IT), Alejandro Brugués (JUAN OF THE DEAD), Eduardo Sanchez (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT), Gigi Saul Guerrero (BINGO HELL) and Demian Rugna (TERRIFIED). More than just a talented quintet, it’s a quality label for an exceptionally explosive piñata of fun and gore!

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