It has already been three years since the Suwono family moved into a huge tower block in Jakarta. The Suwonos have always been very discreet about the reasons for their move. And rightly so. Telling everyone that a satanic cult sent your mother-in-law down a pit, that your deceased wife haunts you in your dreams and that the Devil himself had his eye on your youngest child, are not exactly conversation starters. So, the Suwonos keep a low profile, avoid listening to records backwards and go to bed at 9 after a cup of tea. Is that enough to pass under the radar of the Evil One? Of course not… He first prefers to manifest himself in classic ways: the discovery of unknown graves in a vacant lot next door, a defective elevator that plays potato smasher with a dozen of the residents and a massive flood followed by a general power blackout. What follows next, you ask? Well, a loooong night, with an army of corpses waiting for their funeral rites and a herd of demons excited about the idea of playing cat-and-mouse with the Suwonos… SATAN’S SLAVES was Joko Anwar’s biggest international hit, the first Indonesian film to be screened in IMAX and the country’s third biggest hit of all time. This sequel has only one goal: to make you sleep with the lights on again. Mission accomplished. We already have a colleague who can’t fall asleep without maniacally sucking his thumb…

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