A small warning before throwing you to the sharks. Go and see the first part screened during the first BIFFF week. If we took the trouble of recovering it from our doomed 2020 edition, it’s because we know your tastes better than you do yourselves and because SCARE PACKAGE is capable of converting traditional cinema atheists into fervent genre believers. Now let’s cut to the chase. This second chapter picks up right after the first. We’re attending (spoiler!) the funeral of video guru Rad Chad Buckley. He’s quite the meathead, but nevertheless an unconditional fan of horror movies (so he’s alright in our book!) and for his last will, he has planned a series of deathly traps for all the attendees. They’ll have to abide by the rules, but also the common tropes of the genre in order to survive. Ranging from final girls who discover that all their efforts to stay virgin, sober and gentle have been in vain, to a particularly trashy retelling of DRIVING MISS DAISY, they’ll need to use (or subvert) these references to stay alive… A triumphant return for one of the most successful anthologies of recent years! With tongue firmly in cheek, the culprits of this beautiful mess have lost absolutely nothing of their bite. To give you an idea of what you’re getting yourselves into, one of the segments is called “The Night He Came Back Again Part IV: The Night She Came Back”. They even allow you to check your horror movie knowledge at the same time as the on-screen characters! Now isn’t that nice?!

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