The Jade Buddha head, a relic thought to be lost in Japan, has just resurfaced. But, strangely enough, Japan only agrees to return it to China on one condition. The beneficiary must be a descendant of Xu Yicheng, the infamous traitor accused of having sold this national treasure to the Japanese enemy. The grandson in question, Xu Yuan, finds himself at the bottom of the social ladder. But he has not lost the family sense of antiques expertise. And when he finally comes face to face with the Buddha’s head, he realizes that it’s a pale copy. Determined to get back what is rightfully his, as well as a hefty sum to put on his bank account, Xu Yuan embarks on an exceptional and dangerous treasure hunt. Not only do a lot of ill-intentioned goons get wind of his expedition, the one who’s hiding the real Buddha’s head seem to anticipate his every move and answers them with booby traps and vicious enigmas… SCHEMES IN ANTIQUES is a devilishly stylish adaptation of Ma Bo Young’s book by the talented Derek Kwok, who co-directed 2013’s JOURNEY TO THE WEST with Stephen Chow. But let’s be honest; the source material was already pretty lit! Imagine OCEAN’S ELEVEN revisited by Indiana Jones stirring up big trouble in 80’s China and you get a box-office hit of 50 million dollars. Enough to treat yourself to a Jade Buddha head.

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