Sea Fever

Ever had a nightmare in which you’re suddenly in the middle of the ocean, not a single ship on the horizon, while a strange entity grabs your leg? Well, SEA FEVER is the extended director’s cut of this nightmare… Science wunderkind but socially awkward Siobhan is forced to trade in the safe environment of her lab cocoon for a far more hostile context: the Irish sea. She’s going to sail with the equally hostile Captain Gerard, who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about maritime biology, but only cares about big bright bucks. That’s why he sets course to unknown – and forbidden – waters. Who knows what kind of fish he might be able to catch in his nets? Well, it sure ain’t Moby Dick, but a completely different kind of beast that’ll rise from the dark abysses of the ocean to say hello and grab hold of their boat… As you can imagine, this feels like THE ABYSS or ALIEN at sea, with an added and welcome drop of Cronenbergian body horror to feast your eyeballs on! Among the potential victims are Dougray Scott (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II) and Connie Nielsen (GLADIATOR). And remember: at sea, no one can hear you scream!

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