20-year old Alba lives with her English father on a farm near Lleida in Catalonia. They moved eighteen months ago from England when their mother died of cancer and her father decided to return to the birthplace of his wife. Alba teaches English to Didac, a 10-year old African boy who loves football and tractors; One day, while Alba is driving home on her scooter, she sees how three boys are harassing Didac. When they throw him in a lake, Alba doesn’t hesitate and jumps after him. When they resurface, everything has changed. A cataclysm has destroyed almost all life on Earth. Alba and Didac not only have to rebuild their lives from scratch, but also find a future for the human race. Because when everything is lost, love is the only survival handbook.

Second Origin is one of the most popular Catalan novels ever written. The 1974 book from Manuel de Pedrolo has already sold some 2.300.000 copies. The movie adaptation was the last project of renowned Spanish director Bigas Luna (Jamón, jamón, Huevos d’oro). Because of his untimely death, the project was taken over and finished by his assistant Carles Porta. Despite the impressive images of a Barcelona in ruins or a devastated Camp Nou, Second Origin is about the courage never to give up and is a story of love, altruism and sacrifice. With beautiful performances by English actress Rachel Hurd-Wood (Peter Pan, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer) and our 2015 Bifff juror Sergi Lopez (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hari, un ami qui vous veut du bien).

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